Five awesome tech startups you should know about

July 29, 2019

It’s hard to imagine a world without startups. No Ubers to drive us around. No stranger’s homes to stay in while we’re away. No hilarious filters to put on our equally hilarious selfies.

Urghh! It gives us a cold shiver just thinking about it.

Luckily, we live in a world where startups are plentiful, and they’re here to stay and change our lives in so many ways.

Here are our top five startups we think you should keep your eye on.




Once upon a time, investing meant having to scrutinise the finance section of the paper, kissing your money goodbye and hoping for the best. Well not anymore. Stash is a super-simple investment startup that will help you grow your hard-earned without having to deal with shifty stock brokers or confusing numbers and figures. Whether you’re just dipping your toe into the market or you’re a pro-level investor, Stash lets you choose from a bunch of investment options, and gives you simple tips and tools to maximising your money.






If there’s one thing that gets our blood boiling, it’s trying to find a car park in the city. If there’s another thing that makes our blood boil to the point of molten lava levels of boiling, it’s how much you’re charged once you actually find a park. Luckily, there’s a nifty startup that can help. Dropcar is a new mobile valet service that will meet you wherever you are, drive your car around while you shop/go to that important meeting/hang out at the library etc, and pick you up afterwards. That means no searching for a park, no stitchy fees and no stress. Ahhh…we feel better already.





Have you ever been riding your old push bike and thought yourself, ‘man, I wish I could turn this piece of junk into an electric bike in under 60 seconds’? Well, maybe you were actually talking out loud and someone overheard your ramblings because GeoOrbital have done just that. With the change of one wheel, you can be cruising the streets at a sweet 32km/h without breaking a sweat.





Any startup that’s doing its part to help keep money in your pocket is a winner in our eyes. MistBox is a small solar-powered device that you can attach to your air conditioning unit that uses mist to regulate and monitor the health of your AC. With the help of an app and some serious tech, MistBox can save you up to 30% on your energy bills.





If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of needing a luxury Gucci handbag, but you don’t have a luxury Gucci handbag in your handbag collection, then you’ll be tapping your designer stilettoes with joy when you hear about what FarFetch can now do. Through their online site or app, you can now choose from a range of Gucci products and have them whisked to your front door in under 90 minutes. Thanks goodness for no more luxury emergencies…

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