The definitive ranking of kickass sidekicks

August 19, 2019

Every captain needs a first mate. Every casanova needs a wingman. Every scrumptious meal needs a fresh, toasty bun on the side.

Every…errr…yeah, ok. You probably get the point by now.

You might have guessed it but we love sidekicks. From Robin through to Spock, we’ve seen time and time again how sidekicks simply make things better.

In fact, there’s nothing they can’t do.

They’re crime-fighters, code-crackers, problem-solvers, a cool head in a crisis, a shoulder to cry on… Yep, we could go on and on.

So we thought it’s time to finally put the spotlight on these unsung heroes. So here we go with our top five kickass sidekicks of all time.


5. Wilson (Castaway)


Sure, he didn’t say much, but what he lacked in chit-chat he more than made up with in friendship and loyalty. While stranded on a deserted island for four years, Wilson stood by his mate Chuck (Tom Hanks) through thick and thin. And while he might still be drifting somewhere deep in the Pacific Ocean, he’ll down as one of Hollywood’s most loved volleyballs, and one of the best sidekicks ever


4. Trinity (The Matrix)


Sidekicks don’t get much tougher or more badass than Trinity from the Matrix. From taking down super-computers to taking on Hugo Weaving, there’s nothing she can’t do. Granted, we’re still not exactly sure what The Matrix was all about, but one thing we do know is that Trinity is one heck of a sidekick.


3. Mini Me (Dr. Evil)


On the diabolically evil side of the sidekick spectrum, we find Mini-Me, the 1/8th sized clone and sidekick to Dr. Evil. Despite his small statue, Mini-Me is every bit the criminal mastermind of Dr. Evil with twice the libido.


2. Dr. Watson (Sherlock Holmes)


Where would Sherlock Holmes be without his trusted and faithful friend, Dr. Watson? Probably still trying to solve where he left his keys last night, we presume. Simply, there is no Sherlock without Watson. He’s the ultimate right hand man; brilliantly smart, astute, methodical and as loyal as an Aussie Cattledog


1. Chewbacca (Star Wars)


Our top sidekick goes to the great Chewbacca. While Princess Leia might think he’s just walking carpet, we know he’s so much more. He’s eight-feet tall, fearless, loyal and is covered in luscious, silky locks. Whether he’s helping save the galaxy, protecting princesses or co-piloting the Millennium Falcon, Chewie gets our vote as number one sidekick. Rrrrghghghghg!!

So that’s our top five kickass sidekicks. Did we get it right?