Six things you’ll never regret spending your money on

August 19, 2019

You don’t spend your days at work dreaming about how you’re going spend your paycheck on boring grown-up stuff like bills and loan repayments. You work hard for your money. You deserve to treat yourself every now and then.

That’s why here at Simplr, we get a kick out of helping you save every cent on your car finance. Because we think there’s a gazillion better ways to spend your money than having to cough up too much on your car repayments. A gazillion you say? Well, at least six.


An Air Drumming Kit


There’s nothing cooler than watching someone who knows their way around an air drumkit. With this set up in your home studio, you’ll be nailing that Phil Collins air solo in no time.


Batmobile iPhone Cover


Will it fit in your pocket? No.
Is it practical to use? Probably not.
Is it the raddest phone cover ever? You know it is.


Rocket Skates


We’ve always said, why stroll when you can roll? With a set of these sweet kicks wrapped around your feet, you’ll get from A to B faster than the average person can walk.


Stainproof Pants


There’s nothing more infuriating than walking into a big meeting and realising you’ve spilt a whole jug of coffee down your nice clean pants. Well, be infuriated no more. These slacks will repel anything that comes their way. Try them on your crush.


An 8-Foot Gummy Python


Got a kids party coming up? Don’t worry about buying loads of lollies. Just buy one. This massive gummy python includes almost 12kg of sweet gummy goodness. And don’t worry, it’s gluten free.


Taco Handbag


If you love tacos and have a need to carry small items like a phone and/or purse, then this handbag is for you. Don’t like Mexican food? No worries. This ultra-lightweight and durable accessory also comes in a waffle, berry meringue or pizza option.